10 Tips for Easter Sunday

Trinity Family,

This Easter we will welcome many visitors to our worship gatherings. A lot of these guests will step into a church service for the first time! Many, I suspect, do not call themselves Christians. Guests notice and usually comment on how loving a fellowship is (or is not) by their willingness to welcome newcomers. The following are just 10 ways we can help guests feel welcome and at home each Sunday, but especially this coming Easter Sunday.

1. "Leave the parking spaces closest to the entrances for your guests, expectant mothers, and senior adults."

2. "Greet everyone you see with a smile whether you know them or not."
From the time, you step out of your vehicle, greet everyone with a friendly smile and tell them how glad you are to see them. Use the time from the parking lot to the seat to greet visitors and to get to know other members.

3. "Introduce yourself to those you don’t know."
If you don’t know someone, take the time to greet them and introduce yourself. It will make all the difference in the world.

4. "Assist those who don’t seem to know where they are going."
Remember, you may know where everything is in your church building, but your guests are not familiar with our facilities. Take time to show them around, and offer to take them to where they need to go.

5. "Fill the seats at the front of the meeting room first when you enter to worship."
Late comers and guests do not like to parade before the entire congregation on their way to find a seat. If you fill the seats up front (and scoot in toward the middle), then visitors and late comers can slip in without having to walk in front of the entire congregation.

6. "Don’t rush off after the service."
Instead, take a few minutes to greet visitors and other members you do not normally see. Thank them for attending your services and invite them to come again.

7. "Make sure the church building is clean and welcoming."
If you have time this week, pop in and help us prepare the church building for guests. If you see a mess, help us clean it up.  Many people, right or wrong, will judge the church on its facility and signage. Help us make sure that we use our campus for God’s glory.  

8. "Invite visitors out or to your home for a meal."
One of the best ways to get to know someone is to share a meal together. Practice Christian hospitality by inviting someone to eat lunch with you after worship.

9. "Invite first time visitors to worship with you again."
You will be amazed how much weight a personal invitation carries. Encourage visitors to return and worship with you on a regular Sunday.

10. "Above all, let’s preach the gospel!"
While all these ideas are helpful and provide a welcoming environment, they mean nothing if we don’t preach the gospel! If the whole Bible is about Christ, the gospel should be present in our sermons each week.

Right or wrong, visitors will form an opinion about our churches within the first few minutes after they arrive. Make every effort to welcome guests this Easter Sunday (and every other Sunday) through genuine, Christian love and hospitality. And be sure to point them to Christ—the whole point of Easter Sunday!