COVID-19 & Trinity Church

Trinity Family,
The leadership at the church is staying informed with all information and updates regarding the coronavirus in our country. Even though we understand that the threat is low, we are taking preventative measures. At this point we are not canceling any services or church events throughout the week. However, we are asking that you to take simple preventative measures as you would in any flu season like washing your hands and avoiding gatherings if you are experiencing flu like symptoms.
 During this season: 
Attending Services and Ministry Events – If you have any symptoms of coughing, sneezing, fever, nausea, chills/sweats, achiness, or any flu-like symptoms, please stay home. This applies not only to our corporate worship services, but to mid-week ministry events, meetings, bible studies, and small groups. If you are scheduled to serve or volunteer, please let your ministry leader know as soon as you can if you are not able to serve.
Children – Please do not send your children to the Nursery or J.A.M. or midweek meeting times if they are experiencing any of the above symptoms and consider staying home for the weekend. We sanitize all of our toys weekly and any time they are used. We also will have children wash hands with soap/water.
Weakened Immune Systems – If you have a weakened immune system or other underlying conditions that would make you more susceptible to any virus, we urge you to follow the advice of your doctor and to err on the side of caution on whether to attend or not in the coming weeks.
State Mandates – Some states have encouraged gatherings, including churches, to suspend for a time. We would follow the recommendation of our local governments if such a directive were to be made, for both services and ministry gatherings.
Sunday Mornings - We have provided sanitary gel that is located throughout the church building that we encourage you to use. We have reduced our Sunday morning food to only pre-packaged snacks verses the bigger meal. We are not going to include a “time of greeting” in the service where we shake the hand of someone next to you. We are asking our front door greeters not to shake hands. We are recommending that all attenders find alternative ways to greet each other, whether a simple “hello,” a wave, or an elbow bump.
If you cannot make it to a church service, please worship with us online by watching our sermons, tithing and giving online, and subscribing to our weekly newsletter. 
May God keep you well through the season and may we shine faith and certainty as we trust in Jesus.

In Him,
Pastor Ryan Schmitz

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