Part 2 Update | Month of Prayer

Trinity Family,

It was 15 years ago but I still remember the moment that I experienced an epiphany… a sudden insight into something obvious that had since escaped my understanding.  I was driving on a highway and my thoughts were on what I would write for a witness I was giving for an upcoming men’s retreat. I began contemplating what it means to know that God is our Father, our Creator and that we are all His children. I started thinking of how deeply I loved my own children and how much I gladly provided for their needs.  I thought of how much joy they added to my life and that I would never stop loving and protecting them for any reason.

Then I thought about what I wanted most from my children…to be loved, respected and appreciated. I wanted them to act unselfishly, be kind to others, and to live according to the teachings of Jesus. What I most desired was to just always have a close and loving relationship with them.  That is when it hit me… I suddenly realized that what God desires from me is very similar to what I desire from my own children. For some reason I had never thought of it from that perspective.

As a father I would not be satisfied if my children only spent an hour with me on Sunday and then completely ignored me the rest of the week. I want my children to ask me for help when they need it. I expect them to want to spend time together, not out of obligation or guilt. I want to always be loved and appreciated by them.

As such, God desires for us to love and appreciate Him and to have a personal relationship. This is why prayer is so important.  It is through prayer that we create a more intimate relationship with God. It is through prayer that we express our appreciation to God as well as share the concerns of our heart. Whether we are on our knees or taking a walk, all prayer is communication with God. As any couple will attest, communication is essential to having a happy and healthy relationship.

I hope you are trying and enjoying the “31 Days of Prayer” that we have started at Trinity. It is not too late to start if you haven’t yet.  I like that each day the prayers begin and end with prayers of gratitude and praise to God. God desires and deserves our praise and not just our prayer requests. Increasing our conversations with God can only help to deepen our relationship and understanding of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who in John 15 said He no longer calls us servants but friends.  

Yours in Christ,
Rick DiGioia